Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pretty Hairstyles For Christmas

If you look closely at these hairstyles you'll see that they are not difficult to do. We've taken a selection of Christmas decorations and combs to add a dash of festive glamour to the styles. These are for long hair.

how to be pretty naturally

1. Bend forward from the waist and brush the hair into a bunch on top of the head. Secure it there with a band of hat elastic. Next, sitting in front of your mirror, plait the hair from crown to hair ends. Take a ribbon, knot it at the base of the plait and wind it over and over to the end of the plait. To secure the Christmas ball, thread the ribbon through the loop at the top and tie at the end of the plait.

2. Bend forward, brush hair to top of head then catch it in an elastic band. Tie a length of gold wrapping braid at the base of the plait and wind it over and over the plait to the end. Lie the plait along the front of the head and secure it with hairpins. Finally, a plastic hair comb, gold-bound on top, is pushed securely into the hair below the plait.

3. A simple hairstyle made exotic with a swatch of gold braid. Hair is brushed to the top of the head and caught in a band of hat elastic. Then it is twisted until the hair twists back on itself. The hair is held with hairpins. Now the generous-sized loop of braid is dropped over the head and tightened around the hairline. Like the hair, it is twisted and twisted and held in place with a plastic prong through the center.

4. The classic roll is more difficult to do because it looks best when the hair is padded with a gauze (usually available from a hairdresser). Brushed, lightly back-combed, then wound around the gauze, the hair is held in place with hair pins. Very simply, a twist of tinsel is placed down the center of roll.

5. Simplify everything - leave hair free, then add Christmas color like these ribbons. Green on red ribbons are tied tightly around the hairline and in a knot at the nape of the neck.

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Once a year you have an excuse to let things go to your head. It comes around Christmas time - just grab a piece of tinsel or ribbon from your Christmas tree for your hair.

How you do it depends on two things: the length of your hair and the accessories you have available. We used long hair for the photographs, but that doesn't mean short hair misses out. One of the best tips for short hair is to take some plain plastic hair combs and bind the tops with fine gold or silver wrapping braid. Thread the braid through the eye of a large darning needle and oversew it through the top of the comb. Use the combs at the sides of your hair, taking it off the face.

Another trick is to use a plain plastic hair band in your hair and again wrap it with a braid or, easier to use, a bright ribbon. You can take the hair off the face with this band or simply use it for color.

All hair is easier to manage when it's well conditioned. Here's what you can do at home:

Warm a small cup of oil (olive oil is excellent). Then part the hair in sections across the head. Dip all fingertips into the oil and rub the oil into the hair. You can then wrap the head in a warm towel for five to 10 minutes or, alternatively, leave the oil on the hair overnight. Wash it out thoroughly the next day. Here's a tip to add special shine. If your hair is blonde, add a generous squeeze of lemon juice to the final rinsing water (keep it cool) or a small cap of vinegar if your hair is darker.

Long hair needs special attention if you are going to bind it or keep it held in one place for any length of time. The most important point is not to go to bed with your hair tied up in the hairstyle you wore all day.

When you take your makeup off you should also untie your hair and de-tangle the plaits or braids in it. Throw your head forward, massage your fingertips over the scalp quickly to relax it, then give about 50 strokes with your brush to free the hair and loosen any grime in it.

It's a good idea to change your parting when you change your hairstyle so that the hair is not continually falling into the same pattern. If you wear your hair in a chignon all day, it will look and feel prettier if you wash it and leave it free that night. This is when combs and hair bands or ribbons make a plain hairstyle look pretty.

If you are rushing between work and party, home and dinner, make use of gadgets that will help hairstyles happen faster. For example, curling wands and hot rollers work in minutes, dry shampoos dust the grime out of dull hair (especially oily hair) and a good hair spray helps keep anything from a chignon to a perm a lot neater.

There are endless combinations of hair colors to choose from but if you want to change your color consider the one major rule - that any hair color should complement the color of your skin and eyes. A professional colorist can judge this best, but if you are using home color, listen carefully to the advice of the girl selling you the product. She should be trained to know what suits your coloring best.

The biggest mistake is when a mature woman colors her hair back to the color it was when she was 18. When nature softens your natural color with grey, take heed. It doesn't mean you have to go grey totally, but it does mean that you should lighten the natural color one or two shades. Don't hide the grey with a harsh tint.

Always help your hair into a style that suits it best. Fine hair feels better when short and curly, thick hair is better longer and it is usually straighter because the weight drags the curl out. With this in mind, plus your sense of adventure, change your holiday hairstyles for every occasion. Don't look your usual self at the office party, and surprise the family on Christmas day with a bright new hairstyle. It's the change that brings the good cheer.