Driver Detective Review

Update Drivers Automatically

Driver-DetectiveInstantly update all your drivers automatically. No worrying about outdated drivers for mouse, keyboard, graphics card and every other piece of your computer. All of it is done in an instant with the fantastic Driver Detective.

All Drivers Instantly

Did you lose your CD for that mouse you bought 5 years ago? .
With Driver Detective you don’t have to keep track of each individual disk you can throw them out with confidence because Driver Detective will find them and install them for you in an instant.


Best Registry Cleaners

If you are in search of the overall best registry cleaner for your laptop or computer, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase.  You want to find a registry cleaner that is easy to use, performs at an optimal level, includes modern features, has great support, and most off all can improve the performance of you PC (increase computer speed).

Recognizing these elements can be complicated and time consuming.  That is why we have compiled all the details required in order to assist your decision on the best registry cleaner to use.

Why You Need a Registry Cleaner:

The Windows database is a crazy, complicated source which is intended to maintain solid observance of Windows program configurations, your equipment settings, individual tastes, document interactions, procedure guidelines, and software programs.  The best registry cleaner can sort through the abundance of insanity and get rid of any type of unwarranted issues that might cause your computer to lack efficiency.   Below we have listed a comparison of five of the most competitive brands that are currently on the market.

PC Cleaner Pro Reviewed

Today one can find number of registry cleaner software in the market along with PC Cleaner Pro. But choosing the best among them is the very important thing as some of the software will provide limited features and some of them come up with various features. All you need to do is to check what your requirement is. PC Cleaner Pro has overcome all the tools currently residing in the market not only in terms of registry cleaning, but also in maintaining the performance and effectiveness of the computer.

Speedy PC Pro Features

Speedy PC ProIt is dream of every person to have a computer which is in good status. If something is wrong in the system, it will effect on the work of the user. Today there are many kinds of software to increase the performance of the computer but some of them have made the customers to blame it after using. Speedy pc pro is a registry cleaner tool which can increase the speed of the computer by deleting the old unused register files. More than this, it will help the users in every problem they face with respect to the system.

  • Kills the unwanted processes
  • Cleans the system from active malwares
  • Increases the start-up time of the system
  • Helps to optimize the memory
  • It will clear up old registry files and errors


Here is a list of the best anti-virus programs for Windows to help you clean and protect your PC with absolutely no expenditure.

Everyone who has been using the computer for a while knows what a nuisance a nasty virus can be for your operating system. It could stop your computer from working, expose private information and interfere with your programs. The solution is a reliable, also free, antivirus software.